Baby Banana

March 3, 2011 at 10:19 pm 1 comment

banana print by etsy seller, sugarcookie

Well, I’m officially at the halfway mark in my pregnancy and the baby is about the size of a banana. I’m also excited to share that baby banana is in fact a little girl! We just had our twenty week anatomy ultrasound, which was only the second time we have been able to see our baby girl. The first ultrasound she was just a little bean with a flickering heartbeat, now she’s a lot more recognizable as a baby with perfect little arms, legs, fingers and toes. It was so much fun to see how she has grown and think about what she is going to be like. Will she favor one of us more than the other, will she look like Henry as a baby? I can’t wait to meet her and find out!

Henry came along with us and he surprised me by how engaged he was a viewing the ultrasound. I’m not sure how much he understood what he was seeing, but we told him it was a picture of the baby in mommy’s tummy and he was excited. He was intrigued with the “goo” that went on my belly and then when there was movement on the screen, excitedly looked over and shouted “ooooh!” He and Tim watched intently as we got our first good look at her and he sat patiently as the technician started to take measurements. Stubborn baby girl made the whole process a bit difficult by not cooperating with her positioning, so the appointment ended up taking almost 2 hours! However, everything checked out okay and Henry was quite the trooper. It was a wonderful morning for our family of 4.

So, now that I’m at the halfway mark, I’d also like to share a post that I’ve long kept private…

It’s about one week after we officially found out we are expecting our second child, although I knew I was pregnant within the first few days. It’s funny how obvious it all seems the second time around. The test was almost just a formality.

I’m writing this post long before we will be sharing the news, but I just wanted to record my thoughts at this stage. This blog has been a wonderful record of Henry’s life before and after his birth, (even though my last post as of today was when he started walking almost a year ago – stupid Facebook) and I want to have that record for the new baby too. I’m going to do my best to post about both my babies a bit more often!

So, hello new little one, I’m your mommy. I can’t wait to see your first baby picture next month and hear your heart beat. You are one lucky little baby to have such a wonderful daddy and big brother and I know they can’t wait to see and hear you either.

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My kiddos 34 weeks & 31 months

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  • 1. Grandma  |  May 3, 2011 at 5:54 pm

    Why is my granddaughter still a banana. I thought she graduated to a zucchini?


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