34 weeks & 31 months

I’ve clearly not been doing as well updating the blog as I hoped. My mother-in-law has been frequently reminding me that baby girl has been bigger than a banana for a while now – 14 weeks to be exact. This week (week 34) she is actually closer to the weight of a cantaloupe. (You may recall I don’t really like cantaloupe, so I was looking forward to next week until I saw she’ll be a honeydew, which I don’t like either.) According to pregnancy books/websites, the baby is about 4 3/4 lbs and 18″ long, however my doctors tell me she’s measuring small. I have a growth ultrasound next week to make sure she’s still growing on track, but the doctors don’t seem to be very worried. Although her brother was 7 lbs, 8.5 oz born at 38 weeks, I was only 5 lbs 5 oz, so maybe she just takes after her momma.

Baby girl has been moving around quite a lot lately and her jabs and pokes are starting to get strong enough that they can be uncomfortable. Thankfully the movements aren’t what keep me awake at night, but there are times of the day at work that its hard to even concentrate while she’d doing her gymnastics. Whenever a limb starts poking out I like to put my hand on her and give her a soft little nudge back. She usually follows up with another little jab or two right back. It’s a small thing, but I love that I get to play with her a bit before she meets the rest of the world.

I can also report that I’m officially nesting, with quite a lot of help. My hubby is amazing and has been painting like a pro. It’s impressive how skilled he is at doing edging work around the ceiling and baseboards despite years of insisting otherwise. I guess keeping his pregnant wife down off a ladder is motivation enough. Memorial weekend he finished the playroom (former guest bedroom) and last weekend he painted the nursery (former playroom). With both rooms finally painted we were able to move all furniture and toys into their new locations, including a new big-boy bed for Henry!

So speaking of Henry, my little man is 31 months old now, actually a bit closer to 32. We finally moved him out of a crib and into a new big boy bed, and so far it has been a success! He is very excited about the bed and loves climbing in and out with his animals and books. At night, he is eager to get into bed, but not for us to leave the room, so there are tears. However, he hasn’t yet climbed out of bed or come out of his room. In the morning even if he is awake, he stays in bed until we come open the door. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before he discovers the freedom he has now and ends up in our room or the playroom, but we’re enjoying the peace while we still can!

Henry has also become quite the talker, although a little hard to understand if you aren’t around him a lot. But he has started to sing with much more frequency. He used to only “ya ya ya ya” along to one of his favorite songs, but now you can tell he’s actually singing the words. His current repertoire includes “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep,” “The Alphabet song,” “Old MacDonald,” “Pat-a-Cake,” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”. Oh and “Happy Birthday” has been a favorite for a while now. When he’s not attending a birthday party for one of his playgroup friends, he sings it to himself, “Happy Birthday to He-he”  – “He-he” is how he says his own name.

Other than singing, and adjusting to his new big-boy bed, the other major change is that he has suddenly become Daddy’s boy. He wants to be just like Tim and wants to be with him 24/7. In the morning if I go in to wake him up, he often greets me with a “No, Daddy!”  So heartwarming for a mommy to hear.  On the rare occasion that Tim isn’t around to put him to bed, after we get past the tantrum following his departure, I actually get a little affection and snuggling time with my little man, although its pretty clear my lap isn’t quite as comfortable for him as it used to be. However, in a rare moment last night, he asked me to lay down in his bed with him for a while and when I did, he got up in my face and layed a big wet kiss on the lips, followed by one on my nose and another on my cheek. Of course that sweet moment was replaced by the tantrum he threw when I had to leave the room, but I’ll take every little moment like that I can get.

Hopefully I’ll sneak in a few more updates before our little girl makes her debut, but for now, that’s what has been going on in the Gauhaus.

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Baby Banana

banana print by etsy seller, sugarcookie

Well, I’m officially at the halfway mark in my pregnancy and the baby is about the size of a banana. I’m also excited to share that baby banana is in fact a little girl! We just had our twenty week anatomy ultrasound, which was only the second time we have been able to see our baby girl. The first ultrasound she was just a little bean with a flickering heartbeat, now she’s a lot more recognizable as a baby with perfect little arms, legs, fingers and toes. It was so much fun to see how she has grown and think about what she is going to be like. Will she favor one of us more than the other, will she look like Henry as a baby? I can’t wait to meet her and find out!

Henry came along with us and he surprised me by how engaged he was a viewing the ultrasound. I’m not sure how much he understood what he was seeing, but we told him it was a picture of the baby in mommy’s tummy and he was excited. He was intrigued with the “goo” that went on my belly and then when there was movement on the screen, excitedly looked over and shouted “ooooh!” He and Tim watched intently as we got our first good look at her and he sat patiently as the technician started to take measurements. Stubborn baby girl made the whole process a bit difficult by not cooperating with her positioning, so the appointment ended up taking almost 2 hours! However, everything checked out okay and Henry was quite the trooper. It was a wonderful morning for our family of 4.

So, now that I’m at the halfway mark, I’d also like to share a post that I’ve long kept private…

It’s about one week after we officially found out we are expecting our second child, although I knew I was pregnant within the first few days. It’s funny how obvious it all seems the second time around. The test was almost just a formality.

I’m writing this post long before we will be sharing the news, but I just wanted to record my thoughts at this stage. This blog has been a wonderful record of Henry’s life before and after his birth, (even though my last post as of today was when he started walking almost a year ago – stupid Facebook) and I want to have that record for the new baby too. I’m going to do my best to post about both my babies a bit more often!

So, hello new little one, I’m your mommy. I can’t wait to see your first baby picture next month and hear your heart beat. You are one lucky little baby to have such a wonderful daddy and big brother and I know they can’t wait to see and hear you either.

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My kiddos

Yes I said kiddos, there are two of them now! I can’t believe this the first time I’ve talked about it on the blog, but I’m happy to share that Henry will be big brother in July.  To save you the math, that puts baby-to-be at a gestational age of 19 weeks. Which means, next week we find out if we’re welcoming another baby boy or a girl, and I cannot wait!

Obviously that means I’m a little behind on posting the week-by-week baby progress like I did with the little man, but I’m a busy momma now. I still know how big the baby is – this week he or she is the size of a large tomato – and I know that my tomato can start to hear me now and may have hair already, I just don’t seem to have the time to write about it. But I’m pretty sure it has no impact on bonding with this new baby or how he or she will turn out.

As for my first baby, I’m amazed at how fast he is growing up right before my eyes. He is talking nonstop and singing more all the time, and this weekend he completely surprised me by counting. While holding his hands and swinging him in the air “on the count of three” he decided to count to three along with me and then continued all the way to ten. I immediately called Tim to see if he had taught him the counting and he thinks it must have been Grandma, or Elmo. (Evidently daddy only teaches him to count in Spanish.) I know we’ve counted with him before, but its not like we’ve been practicing, so it just took me by surprise. I’m so proud of my little boy.

I can’t wait to see how Henry continues to grow and what he is like as a big brother. It has been an amazing experience being mommy to one, and I’m so excited for twice the fun and happiness.

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Potty Story #1

I titled this “Potty Story #1″ as I figure there will be many more to share down the road (although it should actually be more appropriately named #2).  I would also like to dedicate this post to my darling sister-in-law, Molly, who is still getting used to the frequency with which my family seems to talk about bathroom behavior, specifically at the dinner table.  Hopefully this will be a little more bearable for you Molly, given its about a two-year-old.

Henry has started showing some “signs of readiness” so we thought Christmas was an appropriate time to give him a shiny new potty as a gift. We explained what it was for, let him sit on diapered and not, let his stuffed animals sit on it – all the recommended no-pressure introductions.  So one afternoon when we saw him make the recognizable face that meant he was trying to work something out, we casually asked if he wanted to try to use the potty. Surprisingly he said he did, so we all went into the bathroom. After a couple minutes he filled it up, and not just with a small little nugget. It was huge. It was adult sized.

All three of us were pretty amazed at this accomplishment, so there were a lot of cheers and high fives. Henry was clearly pleased with himself too which seemed like a great sign. We’ve heard that friends have had success with M&Ms as a reward, which just happen to be Henry’s most favorite treat ever. So, in celebration we told him he could have M&Ms because he went on the potty.  He also asked for a cookie too – sure why not kid – you are a rock-star and you just made plenty of room for it!

I think this is right where we went wrong.

Following this foray into potty using, we continued to ask him if he wanted to go. Every time the answer was no. That’s okay, no big deal. We’ll try again when you’re ready.  So before nap-time a couple days later, I asked if he wanted to try. He said yes, and sat there for a while, but with no results. I assured him that it was a good try and put him down for a nap. He went right to sleep so I headed downstairs. About a half hour later I heard him awake on the monitor. It sounded like he was jumping and cheering. I went to his room to remind him it was time to sleep, and found him standing in his crib with a full stinky diaper, cheering “Yay!” As I began to change his diaper, he continued to cheer for himself. Then he said “Mommy, MMs, cookie?”

Trying to suppress the laughter, I explained that the M&Ms and cookies were just for going on the potty, not in your diaper, to which he cried and screamed “No!” Clearly he was disappointed by the news that every poop isn’t a celebration.

I guess he’ll just have to wait for the next family dinner.

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Birthday Roundup

In keeping with my resolution for 2011, here are some (belated) photos of Henry’s 2nd birthday party. Taken from his infatuation with Toy Story, we made Henry and Woody the stars of a Birthday Roundup. I used Toy Story as an inspiration throughout but focused only on the cowboy elements. The lucky little cowboy actually had a two-day party – one for his friends and one for his family the next day. He had a wonderful weekend as I’m sure you can tell from the pictures – enjoy!

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As a New Year resolution I’ve decided to revisit the blog with more regular Henry updates, as in more than once a year – ha. While the ubiquitous Facebook covers my daily musings, I’ve really missed sharing stories and updates about Henry over here. Its been my digital baby book of sorts and I need to be a better mommy about filling it in, especially because at this age he is hilarious, and I don’t want to forget a minute of it.

So, here’s the latest about my little man.  We celebrated his 2nd birthday a couple of months ago with a Western Birthday Roundup. We had so much fun with friends and family and Henry discovered that he absolutely LOVES opening presents and evidently, attention. He was beaming ear to ear as we sang Happy Birthday and after blowing out his candle, exclaimed “More, More!”  Actually we also got a taste of his love for an audience earlier in the fall at my brother’s wedding. He walked down the aisle like a champ, smiling and waving all the way. Little dancing man also ended up taking over the dance floor for an entire song, with a crowd of 30 or more people circled around him! You can tell he’s the first-born child and grandchild, very used to the spotlight.

Lucky for Henry, after the fun and attention of his birthday was over, the holidays were just getting into full swing. We baked cookies, made paper snowflakes, played in the snow, watched old school Rankin Bass movies and introduced him to cocoa (of course, he refuses to consume anything hot, or even mildly warm, so it was really just chocolate milk). He seemed to love every minute of it, enough to actually start talking! In the span of about a month and a half, his expressive language skills have exploded. Now I just have to explain to our PAT educator why all his new words are really healthy, educational things like “cookie, movie, cocoa and Rudolph” when she comes to evaluate him later this month.

Aside from his latest favorite word, “cookie,” with an extra long “oooo” sound pronounced exactly like Cookie-Monster, he has become our own little parrot. On our way down a winding road, his daddy was complaining that the bumps carved into the double yellow lines were cramping his usual lane-switching, corner-cutting driving style, to which I pointed out that possibly they are there because driving back and forth over the lines is in fact, illegal.  All of the sudden from the back seat we hear a little voice excitedly say “illegal!”  We both laughed out loud and I told Tim he better watch out, he has a reporter following him around now.  Although, part of me wonders if the exclamation might actually have been one of joy.  There seems to be some sort of genetic predisposition to semi-reckless driving on back country roads in Tim’s family.

All the fun in the car isn’t only Tim’s crazy driving. We’ve started a new habit of counting the school buses on the morning commute. In a 15 minute drive, we usually average nine buses. Yesterday in fact, we saw four in a row and Henry was so excited that were he not strapped in, he’d have jumped out of his seat.  We have also started listening to a few children’s music CDs in the car, which incidentally is something I swore I’d never do. After a couple of times through, I was just about ready to ditch the CD and force him to listen to Morning Edition. However, all the sudden I heard him singing along to one of the songs. Actually singing!  My quiet little man has gone from not saying much at all to SINGING! Well as I’m sure any mom would do, I put that stinking song on repeat and let him sing his heart out.

I could go on and on with the stories, but then I wouldn’t have anything to blog later. ha ha. However I suppose with potty training on the horizon, the stories are only just beginning.  In the meantime, I hope to get some pictures up of the birthday party and Christmas.

Happy New Year and best of luck with all your own resolutions!

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Henry’s First Steps

Watch the video here!

He finally did it! Our little man has officially started to walk as of about 2 hours ago. So of course I had to mark down the momentous occasion…in his baby book, facebook, flickr, and now the blog. Oh how I love digital media.

Admittedly, I’ve been slightly stressed out about the fact that his first birthday came and went with no signs of walking in sight. I know, I know, all babies develop differently, they are all unique individuals, whatever. I still found myself saying “no, not yet, but he is really close” each of the bazilion times I was asked if he was walking yet. Does the crawling around on all fours look like walking to you, hmmm?

I digress. I am now officially the very proud mama of a toddler and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m sure it will take a little while to go from having “walked” to “walking”, but I have high hopes for Christmas morning. I can just picture him teetering his way from his room to the soon-to-be mountain of Christmas presents…sigh.

PERFECT timing little man, perfect. You truly are amazing.

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